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RH Around Cyberspace @ T S Welti

Fellow author T.S. Welti was kind enough to offer me a guest post this week. In this article I explore and explain not only what I write about; but also why I write. You can view the full article here:

What do you write about?

Many thanks to TS for hosting me.

{Guest} TS Welti

Today we welcome back TS Welti, author of  The Fifth Specter, for a guest appearance. Learn more about her star character Parker Chance through a character interview and about the author herself.

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The Fifth Specter

The Fifth Specter by T.S. Welti

Thirteen-year-old Parker Chance has suffered from hallucinations for most of his life. He has been ridiculed and expelled from public school on account of these hallucinations. When his adoptive father destroys a picture of his birth mother, Parker decides to run away from home. He soon finds himself whisked away to a village of superhumans where he discovers he is one of them. Parker’s new power puts him at the center of a deadly mystery and he soon proves he is much too curious for his own good. 

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