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Manifest, An Alice Meriwether Novel

Manifest, An Alice Meriwether Novel by Beth Dolgner

Alice Meriwether is everything a well-bred young Victorian woman should be: genteel, proper, and a vision of petite beauty. She would be the ideal 18-year-old if it weren’t for her love of New Science.

Steam-powered inventions, electricity generators, and airships fill Alice’s thoughts, much to the dismay of her family. When Alice’s love of science proves to be greater than her love for her intended husband, her displeased mother sends Alice to Atlanta to be a governess.

As Alice settles into life with the Highcroft family, Mr. Highcroft’s brother Roland captures her imagination. He’s mysterious, distant, and definitely a New Scientist. When Alice helps him perfect his Ghost Machine, she finds herself in the role of Roland’s assistant. As she delves further into the world of New Science, Alice finds herself dealing with love, rivalry, impertinent ghosts, and runaway horseless carriages.

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{Guest} Beth Dolgner

The Real Ghosts of Savannah, Georgia

I know, I know, the title of this guest post sounds like the name of a reality show. When it comes to paranormal activity in Savannah, Georgia though, reality is often stranger than fiction. In fact, a reality show about the ghosts of Savannah has real potential…perhaps it’s time for me to trade in my career as an author and head to Hollywood. Read the rest of this entry

{Guest} J T Baroni

Read A Spooky Ghost Story And Help Sponsor a Leader Dog!

Hello! And a big thanks to Rebeka for having me as a guest on her beautiful blog!

I am pleased to announce that my book, The Legend of Rachel Petersen, has been released through Damnation Books, and I plan on donating a portion of my book’s proceeds to The Leader Dogs for the Blind, located in Rochester Hills, Michigan. This organization has been training Leader Dogs and placing them with blind people, free of charge, since 1939, and they have achieved this amazing feat all from donations.

I know all too well, both their generosity and the impact of their invaluable services. Furthering that statement, I also understand first handedly how strongly the visually impaired faithfully depend, trust, and rely on their dogs, whereas my older brother, Gene, has been blind since birth, and is on his third canine companion. As kids, my brother and I were constantly hand in hand. We went everywhere together. I was, in fact, Gene’s first Leader Dog!

JT and his brother Gene with his faithful Leader Dog

We don’t get to visit each other as often as we would like, since Gene resides three hundred miles away in Philadelphia. However, the times I have visited my brother, I was impressed on how well Gene’s dog guided his blind master through the streets of The City of Brotherly Love. It’s absolutely amazing how smart these animals are. The people in Michigan do a fantastic job in training these Leader Dogs. Valor, Gene’s latest dog, is a beautiful Black Labrador Retriever, and when my brother puts the harness on Valor, that dog knows it is time to work. He even seems to enjoy riding the subway.

I live in a rural area of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and being the avid outdoorsman that I am, I spend a great deal of time in the woods, mostly within walking distance of my home. Last year, I came upon a lone grave in the woods, which inspired my paranormal tale. From years of weathering, the inscription was barely legible, it read, “Rachel Peterson, 1801 to 1899”. I changed the spelling of the last name and made my ghost character a young girl, which I feel gives the story a more realistic touch, while making the tale that much spookier.

But what is really ironic, and eerily enough, my story revolves around 39-year-old sports writer Christian Kane, who becomes outraged when The Pittsburgh Post Gazette overlooks him for a well-deserved promotion. Kane quits the Paper and moves to the country to write fiction. Inspiration flows from a grave he stumbles upon in the woods, with the headstone having the dates 1851 to 1863, which means the girl died during the Civil War. He is then compelled to pen “The Legend of Rachel Petersen”, a fascinating and horrific story based on the dead twelve-year-old girl laid to rest beneath the weathered tombstone. His book quickly climbs the Best Seller lists; then Hollywood makes it in to a blockbuster movie. Kane becomes rich and famous, but only to have Rachel rise from the grave, seeking revenge on him for slandering her name! Or does she?

The Legend of Rachel Petersen is available both as an e-file at Damnation Books,, or in paperback at your favorite online bookstore such as Amazon,, or visit my website, and check out my movie trailer on YouTube, However, I forewarn any potential readers, I wrote this story with a mature audience in mind; it does contain adult content, and one scene in particular may be disturbing for young readers. Two specific stories majorly influenced my plot structure, The Devil’s Advocate and The Sixth Sense; both of which are my all time favorite movies. Therefore, two unforeseen twists come out of nowhere at the end of the story and smack you upside the head.

I would like to graciously thank everyone who helps support my cause; raising a puppy to Leader Dog status is extremely expensive, averaging forty five thousand dollars per sponsored dog.

In conclusion, thanks again for having me, Rebeka! You are a gracious hostess!

Note from Rebeka

I am so pleased to assist Jim and his worthy cause and encourage everyone to give this book a chance. Two thumbs up to Jim!

SAGE: Dead Gorgeous

SAGE: Dead Gorgeous by Jeff Wright

She was born into a prominent Kentucky family in 1868, along with her two brothers, Frank and Andrew, and raised on a sprawling, 25,000 acre, cattle ranch by their parents, Stanton and Maria Grey. Stanton, who was a man cut from granite, tempered by the blade of a bayonet during the Civil War, built the Ashley Ranch with the help of his partner, William Logan, who some say was born from a she bear, a giant of a man, who could shoot and ride like an Indian and Earl Warren, the trading post proprietor. Stanton’s wealth was a deep, dark secret- it came by thievery which each man swore to never tell. It wasn’t until Stanton, to further build his cattle empire, threw in with the Trans Pacific Railroad Co., busting through the Rockies to San Francisco; that the dogs of hell came a gunning, stealing the bounty he had transported out west. Sage Grey and her brothers were called upon to save their father’s ranch. With true grit and valor, Sage shows just what she is made of to those who wanted to put an end to her family. It is now present day – The Sheriff of Cedar Valley, Jeff Warren, Great Grandson to Earl Warren, has only one dream – to restore the run down, decrepit mansion and turn it into a grand hotel. With the scent of old money and gold, one rides in seeking revenge. But, to everyone’s surprise so does Sage… this time however…. she is dead.

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Camilla by T.J. Element

Jo-Beth Shepherd, photographer for a small town newspaper, happens upon a beautiful woman who is about to jump into the river. She talks the woman down from the bridge only to discover that she is as disturbed as she is beautiful. Soon Jo-Beth discovers that the woman is not only mentally unstable. She’s dead.

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The Grave Watchers

The Grave Watchers by Missouri Dalton

Death rides a pale horse, and she is a beauty. Since man first buried his dead, she has watched over them. With her hand she raises those select few, those disturbed and maimed, to new life. These risen souls are duty bound to protect the souls still buried and resting. The souls restless and walking.

Sebastien Crowle is such a watchman. But as a villain so profane and perverse enters the scene with a crime the likes of which Sebastien has never seen, can he stop the villain and confront the ghosts of his own past as they begin to rear their heads?

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Spirit In The Circuits

Spirit In The Circuits by Peter Salisbury

A collection of six ghost and horror stories engineered for the information age: a computer simulation has a visitor, a killer App does just that, a cloud sucks the fun out of all of us, a dead phone rings, a lucky day is anything but, and a computer repair technician joins the fight to defeat alien hordes.

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