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Manifest, An Alice Meriwether Novel

Manifest, An Alice Meriwether Novel by Beth Dolgner

Alice Meriwether is everything a well-bred young Victorian woman should be: genteel, proper, and a vision of petite beauty. She would be the ideal 18-year-old if it weren’t for her love of New Science.

Steam-powered inventions, electricity generators, and airships fill Alice’s thoughts, much to the dismay of her family. When Alice’s love of science proves to be greater than her love for her intended husband, her displeased mother sends Alice to Atlanta to be a governess.

As Alice settles into life with the Highcroft family, Mr. Highcroft’s brother Roland captures her imagination. He’s mysterious, distant, and definitely a New Scientist. When Alice helps him perfect his Ghost Machine, she finds herself in the role of Roland’s assistant. As she delves further into the world of New Science, Alice finds herself dealing with love, rivalry, impertinent ghosts, and runaway horseless carriages.

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{Guest} Beth Dolgner

The Real Ghosts of Savannah, Georgia

I know, I know, the title of this guest post sounds like the name of a reality show. When it comes to paranormal activity in Savannah, Georgia though, reality is often stranger than fiction. In fact, a reality show about the ghosts of Savannah has real potential…perhaps it’s time for me to trade in my career as an author and head to Hollywood. Read the rest of this entry


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