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{Guest} Andrew Boylan

Hello Fangers and Fiends, today I am thrilled to welcome vamp afficionado and author Andrew (Andy) M Boylan to my humble piece of cyberspace.

Andy’s knowledge of vampires in books, movies and well…every medium out there is staggering. He is a walking encyclopaedia of all things vampire.  I was determined this extremely talented and well-read man should hide his light under a bushel no longer, neither should he greedily hoard all that knowledge.  For your reading pleasure, please allow me to present…Andy M Boylan. (cue the spotlight and applause)

There’s Little New Under the Sun

I was approached by Bek to write a guest blog and I was honoured, to say the least, but did ask if she had a general subject that she wanted me to write about. She suggested the changing face of the vampire through the centuries. To caveat, we are talking about the vampire in media and not the traditional/folkloric vampire and I am looking specifically at the European/US standard vampire.

However, as I pondered the assignment I started to think that it was all well and good but, in honesty, there is little new under the sun (including vampires going out in sunny weather, as being destroyed by the sun only appeared in the genre over a century after Polidori). The genre does evolve, aspects become mainstream and also become fashionable but these are often tropes that have been explored deliberately or accidentally before.

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