Desires Revealed

Published:  June 2012

ISBN: 9780987195630

eISBN: 9780987195616

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Escape from the religious war leads Nicole and her family to the most unlikely rescuer, a vampire.  Nicole discovers love and a new life, but finds herself inexplicably drawn in to a private war between her protector and an extremist faction of vampires.

The deeper she gets involved in the vampire world the higher the price she will have to pay to obtain her desires.

Rejoin “Vampires Revealed” narrator Bektamun, in Paris 1572, at the height of the religous war between Catholics and Hugeunots, the day of the St Bartholomew’s Massacre.  Discover the story behind her rescue of the Gervais family.  How Nicole became her Avetser and was made vampire.  Desires Revealed will also introduce you to Oskar, leader of the Eleiveb.


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