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Bloody Valentines Day

Bektamun asked ever so nicely that I share with you her thoughts on Valentine’s Day:

Image of Valentine's Day the media sells

Image of Valentine’s Day the media sells

February 14th is just around the corner. Florists, chocolatiers and greeting card companies are rubbing their hands with glee, as a flood of money comes their way. Frankly, I think Valentine’s Day is a load of bollocks.

Do you have any idea where Valentine’s Day comes from? Or are you too enthralled with what to buy or wondering if you will receive a Valentine to care? Well let me give you a brief lesson in history.

Saint Valentine’s Day was established in 496AD by Pope Gelassius I to honor a pair

of  Christian (Catholic) martyrs. Specifically Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni. So basically it all came about because the Roman Catholic Church wanted to celebrate the lives (and deaths) of a couple religious zealots. (Yep here I go again bashing religion)

What Valentine's Day really means

What Valentine’s Day really means

It wasn’t until the medieval period around the 14th century that romance was linked to Valentine’s Day. It’s believed it was Chaucer’s love birds (Parlement of Foules 1382) which first provided this romantic link.

Now here we are in the 21st century and Valentine’s Day is yet another day which has been commercialised beyond recognition, far from its historical roots.

If you truly love someone you should not need a specific day to celebrate. Every day you share with a loved one is cause to celebrate. Simply to share your life with them is a priceless gift which should never be taken for granted.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula


Bram Stoker’s Dracula – first released 1897

What can you say about this book which hasn’t been said already? The character of ‘Count Dracula’ is generally considered the benchmark by which vampire fiction is measured. It is also a prime source for today’s vampire mythology.

Written in a time when human society dearly clung to Christian ideals, it comes as no surprise that Dracula was portrayed as an undead monster. His kiss may not only cause death, but forever put your immortal soul in peril.

Dracula could walk around during daylight hours, however, much weakened and without being able to use his Devilish talents. At night he could take the form of a bat, wolf or even mist. He could command the elements to hasten or hinder a ship’s voyage. He slept in a tomb and when away from home sought refuge in the soil of his homeland. His sanctuaries could be rendered useless to him with the use of communinion wafer or The Host. And of course garlic was abhorrent to Count Dracula.

Bela Lugosi – the original “Count Dracula”

Bela Lugosi – the original “Count Dracula”

This ‘original’ vampire has been the basis for several movie adaptations. And like most things Hollywood gets its hands on, ruined what was a great story. (Notwithstanding the falsehoods told about vampires, well that’s what Bektamun tells me)

Almost ten years after Nosferatu scared movie-goers witless along came Bela Lugosi as the infamous Count Dracula.

Many still argue that Bela Lugosi is ‘THE’ Count Dracula. However, Hollywood always ready to recycle and claim improvement has seen a couple more renditions of this chilling tale.

Again in 1958 starring Christopher Lee and once more in 1992 with Gary Oldman in the lead. I have not seen all of these movies, so forgive me if I forgo the opportunity to critique them.

Reading Dracula in the 21st century it can be hard to understand why this was considered such a horror story. We must remember the time it was written. Christian morals and religious ideals were more or less a ‘must have’ in society. It was unthinkable in that day and age for anyone to admit they weren’t Christian.

And so, full of religious whim and notions, along came Count Dracula; ready not only to take your life but damn your immortal soul to Hell. Creating an undead army to unleash upon an unsuspecting humanity. Unfortunately the idea of vampires being the hero was beyond any writer’s wildest imagination,  our poor Count found himself defeated.

Fans of vampire fiction, certainly any writer who uses vampire characters, owe a debt of gratitude to Mr Stoker. Without him and his ground-breaking work vampire fiction would likely not exist today.

Are All Vampires Sexy?

Eric from TV's True Blood, played by Alexander Skaarsgard

Eric from TV’s True Blood, played by Alexander Skaarsgard

The simple answer is – NO

TV and movies have done much to perpetuate the notion that all vampires are sexy. According to some, we vampires think more about sex than we do blood. But like most things related to personal taste, sexiness is a very subjective quality.

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“Insert witty proverb here”


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Do Vampires Turn The Willing?

feeding-edYes vampires turn the willing, in fact they will only change the willing.

If you believe books and movies vampires turn humans out of loneliness, looking for a companion. Total nonsense! There is more to consider than pure companionship.

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Do Vampires Cry?

vamptearsHumans cry – vampires DO NOT cry. How many times do I have to tell you people – vampires are VERY different to human beings.

Just because some silly TV show use a fancy special effect, doesn’t make it fact or real

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Do Vampires Vote, Pay Taxes?


As a general rule, vampires living as human try to stay off the official ‘radar’ as much as possible. I can’t give you explicit details as to how we achieve this, because some methods we use are legally grey at best. My greatest concern is a time will come when there are no loopholes left to exploit and vampires will be compelled forever to live in shadows on the fringe of the society, the alternative being to declare our existence to mankind. From Vampires Revealed.

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Making Vampires

For centuries Naevled vampires were unaware they could transform humans into vampires. My brother Kahotep has the honor of that discovery.

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Why Do You Want To Meet A Vampire?

feedAfter receiving Annie’s question about wanting to a meet a vampire, it’s got me wondering why any human would willingly seek out a vampire.

Let’s face it, humans are food.  Do you not understand that?  Are you so unhappy with your life that you wish to die.

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How To Meet A Vampire

questionReceived from Annie:

“I remember your warnings, i know it’s beyond dangerous. But how can one meet a vampire? Is there any type of energy/aura that vampires have that allows a human to sense your kind? I have a gift from my ancestors to feel the spirit of creatures and determine if they have evil or good energy within them. It would be a nice feeling to find out the aura of a vampire.”

Bektamun’s Disclaimer: ALL VAMPIRES ARE DANGEROUS – and you should avoid them at all costs.

That said, I will now try and answer Annie’s question.

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What Happens To A Vampire In The Vaccuum Of Space

outerspaceM8Everyone knows what happens to a human body when exposed to the vacuum of space.  The body swells and eventually explodes from a lack of oxygen.  WRONG!  Once again our “knowledge” relies on the sensationalism of Hollywood.

While exploding bodies make for great movie scenes and tempting trailers, its not what happens when a body is exposed to a vacuum, such as found in outer space.

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