The Good, The Bad and The Surprising

surpriseEver had one of ‘those’ days that turned into one of ‘those’ weeks, that turned into one of ‘those’ months etc. I think you can figure out where I’m going with this. Well, that is what life has been like in my part of the world, for what feels like forever.

So lets get the bad news out of the way. I am no closer to finishing my next book than I was the last time I posted.  To my infinitely patients readers all I can say is, “I’m sorry” and beg you to be patient a while longer.  In Utopia, where I do my best writing, I don’t have to run a business, deal with health issues or anything other than my characters. Unfortunately in the real world, where I actually live, circumstances conspire against you to ensure you never have enough time to devote to all the things that need your attention.

Now for the good news. I’m not dead! I remain upright, conscious and breathing; which means there’s a good chance I will get this next book written…eventually :) But seriously, I have just had four weeks of ‘holidays’ working like a Trojan so that I may have some time to focus on writing.

While life continues speeding forward, seemingly leaving me behind at times, it is always good to pause and take stock. I was reminded of this when I came across an email from one of my readers.

I’m not a bestselling author, in fact barely anyone on the planet even knows who I am as a writer; so getting ‘fan’ mail is a big deal. When I read this particular email, explaining how much they loved my writing and they way in which I made vampires seem real amongst other things, I had to stop for a moment and say “Wow!”.

My characters are very real and dear to me and when I’m writing,  I hope only to do them justice as I put pen to paper.  The notion that someone who does not know me, will pay money to buy my book, take the time to read it and then take the time to contact me is totally incredible. Seriously, I have to pinch myself to realise I’m not dreaming. And so it is I have acquired newfound determination to deliver only my very best to those of you I am honoured to call my readers.

I can’t promise that my blog will become anymore regular in the near future, nor that life won’t continue to be crazy and throw obstacles in my way, but…. What I do promise is that I will not take for granted the financial, emotional and time investment you my readers make in my writing, and that I will work harder than ever to give you the best I can.

About Bek Harrington

Writer, author, vampire fan and historical enthusiast. You'll often find me crusing the internet under the guise of my alter ego, 3000 year old vampire "Bektamun"

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  1. We completely understand, Rebeka. We’d rather you be happy and healthy, so take all the time you need. Your fans aren’t going anywhere. ;)

  2. ‘we’ like to ‘hear’ the second part, first part of ‘good news’. 2210! as for that the rest of stuff. hurry up!>

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