Introducing Fav Friday

Look for the “Fav Fri” symbol on upcoming posts.

This week sees the introduction of a brand new feature – Fav Friday. What’s it all about?

Readers love getting to know authors and generally that happens over time via interviews. As an author I can’t tell you what a chore it can be doing interviews. Repeatedly asked the same questions in a different way again and again.  There are only so many times and a finite variation of ways I can tell you about why I started writing. Trust me folks, nearly all authors would rather be working on their next project then answering interview questions.

I figured there had to be a better way to deliver what readers want, while also making it fun for authors. After being asked about my Favourite ‘Any’ Things over at I’m A Bookshark, I decided this was something I wanted to do regularly on my blog.

This week my first victim – uhm, I mean contributing author – is Dennis Boyer.  Dennis has several short story collections to his credit and is moving onwards and upwards.  Keep watching this space and on Friday we shall have a glimpse inside his mind, what makes him tick, what are his 10 Favourite “Any” Things.

About Bek Harrington

Writer, author, vampire fan and historical enthusiast. You'll often find me crusing the internet under the guise of my alter ego, 3000 year old vampire "Bektamun"

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