{Guest} Alyson Burdette

3 Challenges to Writing Vampire Fiction

Anyone who has written a vampire story can tell you there are unique challenges to writing vampire characters. The things that make them interesting also sometimes make them difficult to write. Here are a few of the challenges writers face:

1. Vampires often have unusual sleeping habits. Some vampires sleep in coffins, while others don’t sleep at all. When you have a character that doesn’t sleep, you don’t have natural scene breaks built into your story. You have to figure out how to add them into the story.

2. Vampires have to feed. If you’re writing a story about a vampire, you need to figure out how they are feeding and how often they need to do it. A vampire might need to kill someone every day or be able to steal blood on occasion. As a writer, you have to figure out how to work it into your story and keep it consistent.

3. Writers need to decide how their vampires look. Some look totally human, while others are barely recognizable. Some have retractable fangs or things that let them blend into the population.

If you’re writing a vampire story, you have to decide how your vampires appear to the readers. Figuring out what’s best for the story isn’t always easy.

Despite all the challenges, people still love reading and writing about vampires. Their versatility and ability to change with the times is the one thing that really keeps them immortal.

Alyson Burdette is the author of Nightfire, a paranormal romance about a vampire named Olivia. currently lives in the small town of Wadsworth, Ohio. She graduated from The University of Akron, where she majored in Anthropology. When she’s not writing, she spends her time on reading, photography, hiking, and dancing.

You can learn more about her at AlysonBurdette.blogspot.com

To learn more about Nightfire, visit MusaPublishing.com or Amazon.com

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