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{Guest} Matthew D Ryan

Vampires from a Guy’s Point of View

Vampires abound in fiction. The success of the “Twilight” series indicates that there is a large market for depicting vampires as strong love-interests with something of a dark shadow on their souls. In essence, vampire chic lit. As a guy, I don’t find such vampires very interesting. As a guy, I’m usually looking for a subtext of violent conflict in my vampire stories, and with few exceptions (one being the Underworld movie series), I’m not much interested in romantic stories involving vampires.

Though there was some romance hinted at in the original “Dracula” by Bram Stoker, that was typically “proper” Victorian human-human romance. Dracula was not seen as a love interest in any way. There may have been some repressed sexual overtones—I’ve seen references that claim the book was about homosexuality, and others saying it was about rape (I think the latter is somewhat more plausible)—but I see the book as primarily a work of horror. Count Dracula was a monster; he had no redeeming features. He did not sparkle, like Edward Cullen, he did not ruminate like Anne Rice’s Lestat. He simply fed, killed and damned.

It’s been several years since I’ve read Dracula, but I seem to recall the action was kind of tame by modern standards. Still, this is the character that I, as a male reader, want to see in a vampire. Anne Rice’s Louis and Lestat held some interest for a brief period of time. Conceiving of a vampire as a reflective killer torn apart by angst was an original twist when it first came out. But nowadays that has become almost cliché, and in ways, it was the first step to humanizing the vampire which eventually gave us “Twilight.”

No, as a guy, when I read about vampires I want to see evil explored. The vampire as the prototypical villain with a host of supernatural powers to aid his fell designs. When one humanizes the vampire, as much vampire chic lit does, one has a tendency to lose many of the supernatural traits that mark them and make them interesting. At the very least, the powers in question become reduced in significance. The fact that a vampire can be incinerated by sunlight makes it a potentially beatable foe. How does that compute with sparkling? All the original powers (and weaknesses) of the vampire gave it a unique and compelling flavor that is slowly being whittled away by the process of humanizing them.

I, for one, prefer the vampire as a monster. It’s my “inner dragonslayer” perhaps. The beast that can control the weather, transform into a wolf, and escape as mist presents the hero’s challenge. It is a foe whose diabolical nature reverberates through the ages. It is a foe that leaves destruction in his wake. It is a foe that must be defeated or else all is lost.

About the Author

Matthew D. Ryan is a published author living in upstate New York on the shores of Lake Champlain. He has a background in philosophy, mathematics, and computer science. He also has a black belt in the martial arts and studies yoga. He has been deeply involved in the fantasy genre for most of his life as a reader, writer, and game designer. He believes he saw the legendary Lake Champlain Monster (a.k.a Champy) once and he has a cat named Confucius.


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Around Cyberspace – June 2012

With the release of Desires Revealed last week, the truly hard part of being an indie author begins – promotion.

Like most indie authors I hate promotion, I would much prefer to focus on writing. Whether it be research for the next book or actually writing.  However, if no-one knows your works exists then it is kind of pointless to write it in the first place.

Fortunately for me I am blessed to know several fantastic colleagues who don’t mind sharing their space with me from time to time. Below is some of recent appearances around the internet for this month. For a full list of all my internet appearances and interviews, check out my About page which is updated regularly.

Vampire Evolution @ Taleisin Meets the Vampire

Vampires vs Humanity @ Bloody Good Vampires

What is Horror? @ Lurking Musings

Cappuccino Heaven II: Lost

Cappuccino Heaven II: Lost by Michelle Wright

Elizabeth Walker waits patiently in the afterlife for a much awaited reunion with her husband Mike. But the dream becomes a nightmare when he dies of old age and goes straight into the dark lower levels manipulated by evil entities who revel in taking him further away from the light at every turn.
Endless missions with trusted friends to rescue him fail, each time discovering that he’s taken further and lower into the bowels of hell, unaware of her presence and stuck in an abyss of his own creation it appears all is lost.
If only Elizabeth can find someone powerful enough to challenge the manipulative game-playing spirit jailers and release her beloved Mike then the nightmare will be over. But what if it isn’t and she has lost him forever?
Clinging to any shred of hope she refuses to give up, believing as her own strength grows stronger and stronger that the love she has in her heart will be the shining light in what becomes a never ending battle between good and evil. A strong page turner that should leave you thinking twice of the consequences of harming another unless you’re 100% sure that in your afterlife all will be forgiven.

Available for Purchase


Desires Revealed Available Now

Escape from the religious war leads Nicole and her family to the most unlikely rescuer, a vampire.  Nicole discovers love and a new life, but finds herself inexplicably drawn in to a private war between her protector and an extremist faction of vampires.

The deeper she gets involved in the vampire world the higher the price she will have to pay to obtain her desires.

After months of procrastinating and general fluffing about, I’m proud to announce Desires Revealed is completed and available for purchase.

In this book we take a journey into Bektamun’s past. We learn how the Gervais family came to be with her and the consequences suffered for Bektamun’s disregard for vampire law. We meet Nicole ( Bektamun’s long-time lover and Avetser) as a child, are able to watch her grow and her relationship with Bektamun. There is love and romance, murder and mayhem, good guys and bad guys; and of course a healthy dose of bloodlust thrown in.

Special Thanks

Simone Louise and Miley White for stepping out of their comfort zone and agreeing to be models for my book cover.

Bill Martin at Front Cover Photography for being the most awesome photographer and helping me bring my idea to life.

The Moser Room in South Yarra for supplying a fantastic location for the cover shoot.

Bob Wilson, who without his keen eye and words of wisdom Desires Revealed may have remained an unfinished project.

Available for Purchase




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Desires Of The Flesh – Book One Eternal Hunger

Desires Of The Flesh – Book One Eternal Hunger by Francene Carroll

Lucia West is enjoying her bachelorette party at the nightclub Desire, when she is savagely bitten by a man on the dance floor. From this moment onwards her world is turned upside down as she is haunted by giant bats and a strange glowing figure in the park outside her bedroom window.

As her wedding day draws closer, Lucia begins to walk in her sleep, and she believes the man who attacked her at Desire is following her. When she confronts him in the park one night, the man informs her that he is a vampire called Drake L’amour, and that she, too, could become a vampire if she allows him to drink from her veins one more time. He offers her a life of endless glamour and excitement if she surrenders her soul to him.

Is Lucia losing her mind, or does the vampire really exist? Will she go ahead with her marriage to faithful Aiden, or will she be lured to the dark side by the sexy vampire L’amour?

Available for Purchase



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