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Cappuccino Heaven: A Life After Death

Cappuccino Heaven: A Life After Death by Michelle Wright

Cappuccino Heaven will take you on a wonderful journey into the afterlife with Elizabeth Walker who is forced to leave behind her 38 years of life she enters her wider world full of expectations, meeting friends and family long gone she marvels at the fact she can still get her favourite cappuccino’s. New adventures await yet she cannot forget her husband Mike and daughters Sasha and Lucy that she has been forced to leave behind, making frequent visits back serves no purpose as they don’t see or hear her as she desperately tries to make contact.
When she meets up with a colorful character tough and sassy ex-hooker Rita it changes her afterlife forever as she slowly and painfully see’s there was more to her short life than being a housewife and Mother in her safe middle class existence.

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Drasmyr by Matthew D Ryan

The vampire Lucian val Drasmyr, the protector of an ancient talisman of great power, is drawn into a conflict with a Wizards Guild when he kills the head wizard of the guild and tries to cover his tracks with a fire.

Coragan the Bounty Hunter and his compatriots are hired to find out what happened to the now dead guild master. Their investigation leads them to the vampire’s castle, but, overmatched, they are forced to flee.

The vampire, knowing his secrets have been exposed, begins a relentless assault on the guild.

Together with the head wizards of the guild, Coragan and his companions prepare a trap for the vampire. But they must have care, lest they deliver the creature’s power to a secret insidious evil rising amongst them.

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