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An Eternity of Shadow

An Eternity of Shadow (Book 2 of the Dante’s Diary Series) by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

Book two of the exciting DANTE’S DIARY VAMPIRE SERIES, An Eternity of Shadow…

This engaging two-book story encompasses THE LOST MEMORIES OF IVANA MORRIANDER and THE ESTATE OF BARREN HILL.

Journey with Ivana Morriander as she travels to worlds lost, worlds found, heartache, love, life and more adventure…

A MUST READ, this tale is NOT to be missed if you’re a lover of Vampires, romance and otherworldly sojourns.

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Check out Book 1 – Dante’s Diary

Review: Dirty Deeds by Mark Evans

Dirty Deeds by Mark Evans

A few days after his 19th birthday, rock and roll lover and bass player Mark Evans wandered into his local to check out the band – and his life would never be the same again. Two days later he was playing his first show as bass player with AC/DC; within a week he was on Countdown, rocking out next to wildman Bon Scott, who was dressed as a pigtailed, cigarette-smoking schoolgirl – and waving a mallet – and Angus who was – of course – decked out as a schoolboy. And all for the princely wage of $60 a week!

Then came nearly being burnt alive on the video shoot for ‘Jailbreak’, and working with legends Vanda and Young on the massive album TNT, on which Mark’s take-no-prisoners basslines anchored such immortal hits as ‘TNT’ and ‘It’s a Long Way To the Top’. Within a year, the band had relocated to London and were on the road to rock ‘n’ roll stardom, living the life of rock gods and making the most of all that had to offer. Until the tragic death of his good friend Bon Scott changed everything.

Dirty Deeds is the first book about AC/DC written from the inside, by an insider – which is gold for any AC/DC fan. It is an honest, gripping, sometimes laugh-out-loud account of a band that lived fast, played hard and broke every one of the rules – before they broke all the records. It is also a revealing and frank memoir of a man who’s had to contend with everything life has thrown at him – a rough-as-guts upbringing, lucky breaks and soaring highs, as well as terrible personal tragedy and loss. The hard lessons Mark has learned along the way will inspire any reader.

I’m a hardcore AC/DC fan, so when I received this book as a gift, I was over the moon. To other fans, if you’re anything like me, you will devour anything that even mentions AC/DC.

Mark Evans spent a brief, but critical, time with AC/DC.  It ended abruptly before the band settled, on what is generally considered the classic line up. (Malcom, Angus, Bon, Phil, Cliff)
Approx 40-50% of the book is devoted to these brief years as a member of

Also sold with this cover.

AC/DC.  Mark has little to tell us that any real fan doesn’t already know.  With that in mind, if you’re a hardcore fan this book will probably disappoint.

In the book Mark tells us about how ‘hard’ it was growing up. I’ve no doubt life was hard, but his story is not unique.

As the book progresses it develops into a litany of dates, names and places, with very little insight into the real character of the man telling the story. The only thing I took away from the book is that Mark Evans likes scotch…. A LOT!

He briefly touches on some of the personal tragedies life has presented him and how this has impacted his life.

However, and with no disrepect intended, given such a large portion of the book focuses on his time with AC/DC,  it could be argued this is a feeble attempt to cash-in on AC/DC’s success.

If you know little to nothing about the early years of AC/DC you will find this interesting. Hardcore fans who already know the story well will be disappointed.

Some Like It Hot

In the days following New Years Eve, we experienced what can only be described as, typical Australian summer weather.  The temperature was pushing and exceeding 40C (104F) with no relief come sunset.

Many people enjoy this type of weather. Legions of wannabe-bronzed Aussies flock to the beaches.  Well I’m not one of them.

I hate the hot weather. I hate the feeling of melting in my own skin. The heat induced headaches, the lack of brain function and general feeling of lethargy, the inability to sleep and with no hope of relief.

The thing is, there is absolutely nothing we can do to control the weather.  Sure we can resort to coolers, fans and airconditioning. These things do little more than assist us to endure, they do not change the fact that Mother Nature is doing her level best to fry us alive if we step outside.

Having endured the onslaught of heat, the change to somewhat cooler weather was very welcome on my part. It was enduring the hot weather that got me thinking… So many things which happen we have no control over but must endure and bad reviews are one of them.

Reviews can determine if your latest release will sink or swim in shark infested waters. Getting great reviews is always a fantastic feeling. To know that someone greatly enjoyed your hard work and effort. The ‘high’ of a good review can be ridden for days and sometimes weeks. But what about when you get a bad review?

To me it seems bad reviews are like hot weather – an event to be endured. Let’s face it, not everyone who reads your work is going to like it and some will dislike it enough to shout it from the rooftops. The consolation is, even if they didn’t like it, at least they read. So turn on the aircon, get to work on the next project.



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