Taking Vengeance by M K Theodoratus

Taking Vengeance by M K Theodoratus

Once Mariah was a hero of the Rebellion that saved the Half-Elven from genocide. After decades of fighting with Linden, the ruler and a former lover, over his policies, she exchanges her sword of power for her healing kit,
determined to let Linden wallow in his mistakes.

When her daughter’s family is attacked by privateers, Mariah’s anger flares. She and her partner seek simple vengeance, but the privateers present a greater danger than they imagined. Mariah discovers she must find a way to
reconcile with Linden–if the Half-Elven are to survive.

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About Bek Harrington

Writer, author, vampire fan and historical enthusiast. You'll often find me crusing the internet under the guise of my alter ego, 3000 year old vampire "Bektamun"

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  1. Hey, thanks much for mentioning my e-book, “Taking Vengeance”. I appreciate it and am giving your blog a link.

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