{Guest} TS Welti

Today we welcome back TS Welti, author of  The Fifth Specter, for a guest appearance. Learn more about her star character Parker Chance through a character interview and about the author herself.

Character Interview – Parker Chance

Character Interview:

The Daily Chronicle’s Chris Pinclear sat down with fourteen-year-old Parker Chance, son of Althea Chance and target of the infamous Dr. Gavriel Asteroth Walden. Parker recently survived an ordeal in the Lost Forest, but he has been gracious enough to agree to a brief interview.
Chris Pinclear: Hello, Parker. It’s so good to see you again. Since your “encounter” in the forest last week, I wondered how you were doing.
Parker Chance: Thank you, Chris. I’m doing fine. Professor Adler healed me that night.
Chris: That’s wonderful! Speaking of Professor Benjamin Adler…. For the benefit of our readers, can you clarify the nature of your special relationship with the professor?
Parker: Uh…. Well, he’s my Super Studies teacher and… he knew my mother pretty well.
Chris: Yes, we all know Adler was very close to your mother. You also know that my father was one of three people sent on a recovery mission after your mother’s disappearance. Do you still hold out hope that your mother will be found?
Parker: I know I shouldn’t–at least that’s what Adler keeps telling me–but I can’t really give up hope. I know it’s stupid and she’s probably gone forever, but part of me wonders if she’s still out there.
Chris: It’s not stupid at all…. Aside from your recent brush with death, Parker, how are you liking Knobhouse Academy?
Parker: It’s funny, but when I was living at the vineyard and I got expelled from public school I always thought of school as some sort of torture chamber. Now, I’ve been nearly killed at my new school but all I can say is… Knobhouse is my home.
Chris: And it literally is your new home. You’re not returning to the vineyard this summer, are you?
Parker: Ha! No way. Sophie’s not there anymore. There’s no point in ever going back there.
Chris: Sophie?
Parker: She was the Rooney’s housekeeper. She basically raised me for fourteen years before I went to Knobhouse.
Chris: Ah, I see. Will you be visiting Sophie this summer?
Parker: I don’t know. I haven’t heard from her since Christmas. I wonder if Adler told her what happened to me last week.
Chris: You’ll be starting your sophomore year at Knobhouse in a few months. Have you gotten your magnascope yet and, if so, can you tell us which one you’ve chosen?
Parker: I haven’t gotten my magnascope yet. I don’t know what I’ll choose, but the sunglasses looked really neat.
Chris: The Powerlens 5000? Yes, they do look awfully cool, but they’re quite inconvenient indoors when there are humans around.
Parker: Yeah, I suppose that would look pretty strange.
Chris: One last question before I set you free. I understand you and Michael Avison have some shopping to do in the square, so I don’t want to keep you too long. My final question to you is…. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three objects would you like to have with you?
Parker: Hmm…. I would definitely want to have my micrograph so I could call for help. I’d also like to have a vial of shadow dog blood to ward off poisons. And a few bags of Manolo’s Milk Creme’s in the smoked caramel flavor.
Chris: Ah, the Kefir lime are my favorite. Thank you for speaking with me today, Parker. Good luck in your second year at Knobhouse Academy.
Chris Pinclear has been a journalist at The Daily Chronicle for three years. At 22-years-old, he is the youngest journalist to receive the Hilly Hope Award.

About The Author:

T.S. Welti is a single mother living in Southern California. She writes books for kids and teens for a living and bakes in her spare time. In 2005, she began writing the Parker Chance series while sitting in the shade of a weeping willow on a sweltering summer day. Five years later, she lost her job and book one was still not finished. After many sleepless nights spent tapping away at her keyboard, she was finally able to finish The Fifth Specter and has never looked back. You can find out more about T.S. Welti and the Parker Chance series on her website at http://tswelti.com.

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