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Cold In California

Cold in California by Deborah Riley Magnus

What happens to a vampire after he finally dies? Heaven? Hell? Nope, purgatory in a West Hollywoodwarehouse. Go figure.

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Blood Junky

Däm’Um: Song of the Vam Pŷr’s Blood Junky by Stavros

Linnet Pevensey is 236 years old, and she’s feeling every inch of it. Besieged by a wall of painful memories, longing for simpler times, she’s secluded herself off from the world.  Z is unpredictable.  A century-old vampire whose blood parasite has begun its last cycle, she is enthralled in every possible way to avoid the here and now.  And fate is moving them both toward clandestine events of their own making.

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Jumlin’s Spawn

Jumlin’s Spawn by Melody Clark

Yancey Crow Wolf, Elfie Hardesty and Oliver Ryan have always been the best of friends, but jealousy and unspoken feelings have forced them apart for nearly a year.  As they are compelled to meet again, they must set-off on a journey across the Lakota Badlands to investigate an ancient mystery as part of a Sioux prophecy.  It is an ancient prophecy in which, unknown to them, they have always played an integral part.  They must do battle with a Lakota vampire race called Jumlin’s Spawn.  By the end of the journey, they will be lovers and heroes, and one of them will go to the other side of death and back.

Available for Purchase

Jumlin’s Spawn is scheduled for release November 2011.  Check Melody’s site for full details – Jumlin’s Spawn


Falling by Cecilia Gray

The trouble with falling in love is the long drop down…

Alexis isn’t afraid of much. She’s never met a cliff she didn’t want to climb or a waterfall she wouldn’t plunge over. Yet when her fiancé leaves and takes her daring edge with him, she swears off love….

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{Guest} Carole Gill

The House on Blackstone Moor by Carole Gill

This is a tale of vampirism, madness, obsession and devil worship as Rose Baines, only survivor of her family’s carnage, tells her story. Fragile, damaged by the tragedy, fate sends her to a desolate house on the haunted moors where demons dwell. The house and the moors have hideous secrets, yet there is love too; deep, abiding, eternal, but it comes with a price, her soul.

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The Fifth Specter

The Fifth Specter by T.S. Welti

Thirteen-year-old Parker Chance has suffered from hallucinations for most of his life. He has been ridiculed and expelled from public school on account of these hallucinations. When his adoptive father destroys a picture of his birth mother, Parker decides to run away from home. He soon finds himself whisked away to a village of superhumans where he discovers he is one of them. Parker’s new power puts him at the center of a deadly mystery and he soon proves he is much too curious for his own good. 

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Dante’s Diary

Dante’s Diary by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

Ivana Morriander has lived life to its fullest. She has seen and done things that most people could only imagine doing. To the unsuspecting person she is beautiful, smart and taking each day by the hand to enjoy all it has to offer.

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Strength of The World

Strength of the World by Darien Vengeance

“Once an innocent, small town girl, Angel, lived peacefully with her family. Between great friends and college plans, her life couldn’t have been going any better. Little did she know, she’d soon be joining a world unspoken of. One night after dinner, a mysterious man broke into their home, killing her and her family; however, Angel soon awoke, finding herself dazed and confused, yearning for things she once never sought before. With her new thirst for blood and ability to do the unearthly, she found herself seeking vengeance on the man who’d killed her family. Soon residing in a new town, riding the filth of the world nightly, an unknown group of men found Angel, alleging they knew her well. Claiming to know someone who could give her the answers she’d longed desired, they had to convince Angel to visit Sheol, a hell created solely for the damned.” Its available for purchase at – Strength of the World

Love For A Vampire

Love for a Vampire by Wendy Huchison

There is a prophecy foretold by the witches of long ago, and recorded in their sacred Book of Spells.  The prophecy has been passed down generation by generation, and taught to every magical child to ready them for the time of the great war and re-birth of the chosen one.”

Please visit Wendy’s site:  for release details, pre-ordering and a sneak peek.  Book is set to be released 15th September 2011.


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